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Sunday Quick Hits!

What an amazing end to our Transitions series!

I was looking to end this series in a little different way.  And since I usually do most of the talking, I thought it was a great idea to bring someone on stage that could bring the scripture to life.

We all know and love the Norvell family.  They’ve been a part of Crossroads from the very start and I also knew that they have been through their own transitions in life.  So what better way to help us all understand God’s faithfulness than by hearing their story.  Lynn did an amazing job and if you didn’t hear the message then I strongly urge you to take the time to listen to it.

We’ll be looking for most of you back after the last couple of week’s.  Just in case you didn’t know, Crossroads has had an amazing summer.  We’ve seen some really great moves of God in several areas and I believe God is about to really rock our world.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who really made today happen.  In case you didn’t know, this was promotion Sunday for our children’s environments.  The volunteers rocked the house at Crossroads!   We still have lots of opportunities for you to find a place to plug-in.  We’ve got so much planned between now and the end of the year!

Worship today was amazing…..some of the best I can remember!

I’m looking forward to the new series Simple that starts on Sunday, August 1st.  We’ll be putting up the info on the website on Monday and we need you to invite your friends!

Have a great “hot” week!

We’re back!

This Sunday at Crossroads it’s going to be fun.

If you were there for the “Reflect” series then you know that we stripped everything back.  It was really pretty simple and that was just what we were looking for.

This Sunday we are back and you don’t want to miss it!  The weather man says it’s going to rain any way, so what better place to be than at Crossroads.

We hope to see you tomorrow!

“Reflect” Week One

Week one of “Reflect” is in the books.

There’s no doubt that this teaching series is a little different from any we’ve done at Crossroads since we started.

We want the focus to be where it should be.

You become what you worship.

Hope you make it to week two.

In the meantime…..just “reflect”!

I’m looking forward to today!

It’s going to be a great day at Crossroads today!

If you are reading this later in the day on Sunday then you missed it! 

But if you are reading this before one of our three services (9am, 11am or 12:30pm) then I want you to know that I would love to see you!  Make sure and tell me that you saw it on the blog….better than that, send me an email and tell me a little something about yourself.

We have an exciting day of music and worship!  I will be speaking about something that I personally “struggle” with and it may surprise you!

I hope to see you at Crossroads!

“OVERWHELMED” concludes

This Sunday at Crossroads we conclude our series “OVERWHELMED”.


I’m looking forward to seeing you guys at Crossroads as we close out one of the most talked about series I can remember.

You’re going to enjoy a very special time of worship as we gather together to celebrate the only thing that should truly “overwhelm” us.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Sunday Rewind

I have to admit that Sunday was a great day at Crossroads….especially for me!

As most of you know, I took Sunday off and by doing that I was totally able to enjoy doing things I normally don’t get to do at Crossroads because I have to speak.  I was able to stand outside and greet and meet some people I normally never see.  I was able to help with a little food prep for our volunteers and I was able to talk a little more in depth with people than I would normally be able too.  It was a good day!

Just a note that our musicians did a great job on Sunday…..the pressure was on them instead of me and they delivered.  A special thanks to them for a great time of worship on Sunday!

Here are a few things I noticed from Sunday:

  • First Sunday without rain in about two or three weeks…but I looked at the upcoming forecast and guess what?
  • Lot’s of enthusiasm about what’s happening at Crossroads!
  • Many of you commented after the service about liking the change….I agree!
  • It was good to see one of our original Crossroads peeps back in the house….they moved out of town and one of them was back in town so they dropped by unannounced!
  • Thanks again to our volunteers!
  • Thanks to those who follow the Biblical practice of tithing!  You are the ones who are making it happen at Crossroads.
  • Crossroads is a church called to give and serve….are you?  If your not you may be at the wrong place….that’s who we are!
  • “Ladies Night” is coming up….do you have your tickets?  It looks like its going to be fun!
  • Make sure and sign up for oru “Relay for Life” team.

New worship song at Crossroads!

In our attempt to stay on the cutting edge of worship, we are introducing an amazing new song in the coming weeks.

Thanks to Rhett for his diligence in finding great, amazing, new material!