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Needless to say…

Needless to say, its been a very busy weekend in Lebanon as well as around much of Middle Tennessee.

Just in case you didn’t see the devastation that occurred on the Lebanon Public Square then check out the video below.  This is the first flood that occurred on Saturday.  The second flood happened late on Sunday and was much worse.

Enjoy….well not really!

“Two on Tuesday”

It’s that time of the week when we stop and contemplate what has not met our expectations for the day……in a funny off the wall sort of way!

We call it “Two on Tuesday” and that means two light hearted disappointments for the day.

So here we go…..

  • Our first disappointment doesn’t involve food…..can you believe it?  I watched the weather this morning and knew that it was going to rain so I made sure I had on a nice pair of shoes…..ones that shouldn’t leak.  But little did I know that the water in the parking lot was about 3 inches deep…..didn’t really matter what shoes I had on.  WET FEET!
  • I love chewing gum…..but I get strongly let down when it looses it’s flavor so fast.   I guess I should have tried “Stride” and then I could have been hit in the mid-section by that ram!

So there you go daddy O!