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Sunday Quick Hits!

What an amazing end to our Transitions series!

I was looking to end this series in a little different way.  And since I usually do most of the talking, I thought it was a great idea to bring someone on stage that could bring the scripture to life.

We all know and love the Norvell family.  They’ve been a part of Crossroads from the very start and I also knew that they have been through their own transitions in life.  So what better way to help us all understand God’s faithfulness than by hearing their story.  Lynn did an amazing job and if you didn’t hear the message then I strongly urge you to take the time to listen to it.

We’ll be looking for most of you back after the last couple of week’s.  Just in case you didn’t know, Crossroads has had an amazing summer.  We’ve seen some really great moves of God in several areas and I believe God is about to really rock our world.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who really made today happen.  In case you didn’t know, this was promotion Sunday for our children’s environments.  The volunteers rocked the house at Crossroads!   We still have lots of opportunities for you to find a place to plug-in.  We’ve got so much planned between now and the end of the year!

Worship today was amazing…..some of the best I can remember!

I’m looking forward to the new series Simple that starts on Sunday, August 1st.  We’ll be putting up the info on the website on Monday and we need you to invite your friends!

Have a great “hot” week!


Everything that grows, changes.

Everything that changes goes through transitions.

When I look back at my life, its pretty easy for me to see that I’ve changed.  I’ve changed more than I would like to admit.  Some of it was good and some of it wasn’t so good.

Honestly, all of those changes haven’t been easy.  Some of them were things I expected.  Some of them were things that I never saw coming.  And its the ones that caught me off guard that were the hardest.  But there’s something interesting.  It seems that God has done some of his biggest work during the changes….he did his biggest work during the transitions.

I hope you can join me this Sunday at Crossroads as we conclude our series Transitions.

Sitting still, coasting or speeding

If you read yesterday’s post then you have an understanding of how my life has been the last several months.  It wasn’t anyone’s fault but mine.

When I allowed the things that were going on in my life to pile up and pressure me, they brought me to a point in my life where I seemed to be more comfortable when I was by myself.  I really (thought) that I could handle all that was going on in my life by myself.  My circumstances drove me to the point of isolation.

Actually my life and everything associated with it was just sitting still.  But I remembered a statement that someone made when they said, “If you’re sitting still then your actually going backwards”.  Man, that statement is exactly right!

When I look at what has happened over the last couple months I realize that I wasn’t sitting still or coasting.  My life was actually going backwards. 

While I was seeking to take care of things on my own outside of all the important relationships that I had with other people, I was actually going backwards.

Not any more.

Thanks to people who were willing to speak into my life I was able to realize the place where I truly was…..and now my foot is on the accelerator.

Our lives aren’t going to be measured by fame, money, attractiveness or the size of our 401k’s.  When we’re laying in that wooden box at the local funeral home our life will be measured by the relationships that we had with others.

Are there people in your life that you can truly admit that you are dong life with?  I’m not talking about the back slapping, superficial relationships that define many people’s lives.  I’m talking about people who will tell you what you need to hear even though you may not want to hear it.  Those are the relationships that we all need and desire. 

Life is done in the context of relationship.

Sunday Rewind

Week three of our series “Life in 3-D” was great.

It was good to see so many people starting to return from their “fall break’s”.  Since Sunday’s message, I’ve received lot’s of feedback from many of you and that’s something I love to hear.  It’s great to know that God is using a message to move you in ways that brings hope and healing to your life.

Here are just a few things I noticed from Sunday:

  • Seth and Betsy did great at leading in Rhett’s absence.  It’s great to be able to rely on talented people.
  • With lots of people still out, we are seeing some growth in our new service schedule.
  • Thanks to Tim Stockton’s “Host Team” for a great job!
  • Many thanks also to those who have stepped up and filled in with many people being gone.
  • Lot’s of feedback on this series.
  • You are doing a great job parking at the north end….keep it up!
  • Man, we had lot’s of first time visitors!

That’s all for now.

Check back later for more insight into Sunday!

What “discourages” you?

I have a question for anyone who would care to answer it.

What is happening in your life right now that you find brings on the feeling of  “discouragement”?

You can let me know by commenting below or by sending me an email.

Thanks for your help.

Faithfulness truly lived out….

During the past several months I’ve come to realize something. 

Somewhere down the path I made the mistake of connecting my “faithfulness” to “fruitfulness”. 

But then I was reminded of the life of Jesus.

Jesus lived less than forty years; he didn’t travel outside his own country; the people who knew him during his life scarcely understood him; and when he died, only a few of his followers remained faithful. In every respect, his life was a failure. Success had left him, popularity had dwindled, and all his power was gone. Still, few lives have been so fruitful; few lives have affected the thinking and feeling of other people so deeply; few have so profoundly shaped future cultures; few have influenced so radically the patterns of human relationships. Jesus himself referred constantly to the fruitfulness of his life that would only become manifest after his death… Henri Nouwen, “Our Greatest Gift, a Meditation on Dying and Caring” 1994. page 39.

I’m just called to be “faithful” and to truly be “fruitful” ……”I” have to die!

Dealing with “doubt”!

Today at Crossroads we tackled the subject of “doubt” in our new series “Life in 3-D”.

If you were one of the many who are on fall break then I would strongly urge you to listen to this message on-line.

Check back here later for the “Sunday Rewind” so you can get more details about a great day at Crossroads.

Catching up!

I’ve been out of the office a couple of day’s this week.

When that happens, it means that I have lots of catching  up to do.

Needless to say that today is a catch-up day!

I’m looking forward to diving into our new series “Life in 3-D” tomorrow.

Hope you can make it.

Two on Tuesday

It just seems really hard to get the “Two on Tuesday” done on Tuesday.

The last several week’s it’s been Wednesday before I can get it on the blog.

Here is this week’s edition of “Two on Tuesday”:

  • Funny how you would think a tire would last longer than five years.  Since it looked like I had a flat I took my car into the shop and they informed me that my tires were “dry rotting” because they were old.  Really?
  • Have you ever walked across the room, drove across town, went to the store, only to find out when you arrived you didn’t know why you were there?  Guilty!

You can probably relate!

This Sunday at Crossroads (which will be tomorrow if you are reading this on Saturday), I’m continuing to talk about some of the things that I “struggle” with.  Now let me tell you, if there is any topic that you are going to relate to, it will be what I am talking about tomorrow and also next Sunday.

It’s so big and so broad that it’s actually going to take two Sunday’s.

Have a great day today and we hope to see you at Crossroads on Sunday.