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Needless to say…

Needless to say, its been a very busy weekend in Lebanon as well as around much of Middle Tennessee.

Just in case you didn’t see the devastation that occurred on the Lebanon Public Square then check out the video below.  This is the first flood that occurred on Saturday.  The second flood happened late on Sunday and was much worse.

Enjoy….well not really!

Labor Day @ Crossroads!

We had a great day at Crossroads today!

I really thought we would have a lot of people out and we did.  But the visitors more than made up for those who were missing when it came to overall numbers!  These are the things that continue to amaze me.

Thanks to all of you guys who made it and if you didn’t make it then make sure and take the time to catch the message on-line.  We already have it available to listen to right now.

“Two on Tuesday”

It’s that time of day when everyone gathers together to see what’s let me down.

So here are my two disappointments for the day…..

  • I was told that there were some people at a voting place in Lebanon who were dressed in drag.  I went to see what the heck was going on and turns out it was someone I actually knew and they were dressed like that would normally.  That is scary!
  • I had lunch at Chik-fil-a today and was totally wanting one of those great milk shakes that they offer……the problem was that I was to full after pigging out on the new chicken strips.  It was totally disappointing.