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Sunday Quick Hits!

What an amazing end to our Transitions series!

I was looking to end this series in a little different way.  And since I usually do most of the talking, I thought it was a great idea to bring someone on stage that could bring the scripture to life.

We all know and love the Norvell family.  They’ve been a part of Crossroads from the very start and I also knew that they have been through their own transitions in life.  So what better way to help us all understand God’s faithfulness than by hearing their story.  Lynn did an amazing job and if you didn’t hear the message then I strongly urge you to take the time to listen to it.

We’ll be looking for most of you back after the last couple of week’s.  Just in case you didn’t know, Crossroads has had an amazing summer.  We’ve seen some really great moves of God in several areas and I believe God is about to really rock our world.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who really made today happen.  In case you didn’t know, this was promotion Sunday for our children’s environments.  The volunteers rocked the house at Crossroads!   We still have lots of opportunities for you to find a place to plug-in.  We’ve got so much planned between now and the end of the year!

Worship today was amazing…..some of the best I can remember!

I’m looking forward to the new series Simple that starts on Sunday, August 1st.  We’ll be putting up the info on the website on Monday and we need you to invite your friends!

Have a great “hot” week!

Sunday Rewind

The snow and ice wasn’t about to impact us!

Yep, we weren’t about to let the snow and ice alter what we had planned at Crossroads this weekend.

Our services went on as scheduled and man am I glad that we didn’t make any changes.  We had all three services just as scheduled and if I am right, we had better attendance this week than we did last week!  I simply couldn’t believe it!  WOW….what a day!

I am totally loving 2010 and this new series “Pursuit”!

Here are a few things that I noticed from this very cold but very exciting Sunday at Crossroads:

  • Again, I say this about every week, but we are so thankful for the volunteers that show up early even on these cold mornings and make it all happen.  Today was no exception.  You guys are the best and we simply couldn’t do it without you!
  • It was great to hear Rhett sing one of the songs off of his new EP.  If you haven’t picked up your copy, then you can get it next Sunday at the “information kiosk”.
  • Great seeing good crowds in all three services.  I totally believe that we are going to see God rock our socks off with our shoes on!  Get ready!
  • So good to see so many of you participating in the “31 Day Challenge”.  What is it?  We’re simply reading through the book of Proverbs one day at a time.  Take some time and join us.  Start with chapter 11 on Monday the 11th.
  • Thanks for your feedback on this series.
  • Great having our college students back!  You guys really are great!
  • We knew that some of you opted to stay home because of the weather; we are going to be looking for you next Sunday!  Take some time this week and listen to the message on-line!

Have a great week and check back often.

I would love to hear some feedback on how the “31 Day Challenge” is impacting your life!

2009 In Review (Part 1)

It’s really hard for me to believe that we are closing out another year.  Truthfully it seems that we just opened our doors at Crossroads a few months ago. 

But as the end of the year is here, I thought it would be a great opportunity to recap some of the great and not so great things that have been a part of 2009.

First of all, I would like to say that this year has been so much better than I really anticipated it would be.  Did everything work out like I had hoped?  No, but it was a year that exceeded my wildest expectiations in many areas.

One of the most notable things that I’ve seen from where I sit is the fruit that is starting to show up.  Many of you may remember how I talked about being faithful and trusting God for the fruit.  Well we are starting to see some fruit and I think that is going to continue as long as we are faithful with the mission and vision that God has given us.  Seeing the fruit is evidence that our faithfulness is paying off in ways that we have believed that it would.

One of the other exciting things that happened during this past year is the acquisition of the space that is between our current space and Intrigue Athletics.  During this past year we actually started getting that space ready for construction.  As you know that is all going to be a part of our family ministry and we are in need of more space in a bad way.  Early in 2010 you will see construction on that space speed up.  We need your help.  We need you to get involved financially so that we can get into that space soon.

One of the biggest things that I think helped make a difference in 2009 was our service time change.  I know for some of you it was an adjustment but I believe that we are going to reap big benefits from this time change in the coming year.

We had great crowds throughout the year.  We set records on Easter and during our Christmas Eve services, but if there is any area that I think we have slacked off in, it would be the area of inviting.  It’s funny how we can really get comfortable with the way things are and then we begin to not be so concerned about those outside of our walls.  If there is anything that I’m praying, its that God places a burning desire in all of us for those who do not attend church and are far from him.  If we make that our priority then we will not be able to seat everyone. 

Please be praying about 2010 and all that God wants to do in our church.

I’ll be posting more on the “year in review” later…..

Taking a break!

It’s about 8 a.m. on Sunday.

I just put a 13lb turkey in the oven.  Now you may be asking yourself, “Isn’t he supposed to be on stage in just a few minutes?”  And the answer to that question would normally be, “Yes!”  But today is the one Sunday of the year that we take a break at Crossroads.

We have lots of volunteers who work hard each Sunday and since most of us are busy with family and friends and all of the holiday festivities, then we thought it was a great idea to give everyone a Sunday off.  This is something we’ve been doing for the three years that Crossroads has been up and going.

For me its a time to spend at home with my family….no, I didn’t go to church.  After speaking nearly 200 times this past year, I slept late and I’m not preparing a little lunch.

Have a great day and I will see you next Sunday as we begin our new series “Pursuit”.

What happened Sunday?

This past Sunday at Crossroads was going to be like any normal Sunday.

We had finished the first service and we were getting ready for the second service.  I passed Rhett in the hall after the service and we talked about a few things that happened during the first…but nothing special.

The second service started just like the first.  After I did the announcements we went into our programmed worship set.  I was setting on the front row as normal.  Rhett and I constantly keep eye contact with each other.  I know him and he knows me, so keeping eye contact is very important.

During the first song, I interrupted the song to point out something that those lyrics spoke to me.  We picked up and went right on after that.  It was during the last song of the set that I knew something was happening.  Rhett looked down at me and I told him to just keep going.  I know it was time for me to speak, but we were in a groove were I think God wanted us to stay…..so we stayed. 

From this point the band just had to follow Rhett and where he was going.  They hadn’t rehearsed any of these songs, none of them.  We just kept going and the more we went, the more God seemed to fill the place with his presence.

With about 20 minutes left in what would have been our normal time, I spoke for about 5 minutes.  Up to this point, people had already been on their faces at the front of the stage.  After I finished, Rhett continued to lead us until our time was done.

Now in three years of our existence this has never happened.  But what happened you may be asking?  God wanted to do something different and I had a choice to stick to the schedule or go with God….I went with God and apparently that was a good thing.  I can’t tell you how many emails, texts and phone calls I have received.  All of them telling me what God did in their lives.

If you were there and wanted to hear the message and you didn’t get too, let me be the first to apologize.  I had no idea that this was going to happen.  That’s another reason we record them and post them on-line.  I don’t know when or if this will ever happen again, but if it does we’re going with God.

Sunday was amazing!

Sunday Rewind

Week three of our series “Life in 3-D” was great.

It was good to see so many people starting to return from their “fall break’s”.  Since Sunday’s message, I’ve received lot’s of feedback from many of you and that’s something I love to hear.  It’s great to know that God is using a message to move you in ways that brings hope and healing to your life.

Here are just a few things I noticed from Sunday:

  • Seth and Betsy did great at leading in Rhett’s absence.  It’s great to be able to rely on talented people.
  • With lots of people still out, we are seeing some growth in our new service schedule.
  • Thanks to Tim Stockton’s “Host Team” for a great job!
  • Many thanks also to those who have stepped up and filled in with many people being gone.
  • Lot’s of feedback on this series.
  • You are doing a great job parking at the north end….keep it up!
  • Man, we had lot’s of first time visitors!

That’s all for now.

Check back later for more insight into Sunday!

Week three of “Life in 3-D”

Tomorrow at Crossroads is week three of our series “Life in 3-D”.

If you’ve been away on fall break then you may not have heard any of this series where we are dealing with three things that impact all of our lives.  They are “doubt”, “discouragement” and “distractions”.

This Sunday we will be talking about “discouragement”.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Catching up!

I’ve been out of the office a couple of day’s this week.

When that happens, it means that I have lots of catching  up to do.

Needless to say that today is a catch-up day!

I’m looking forward to diving into our new series “Life in 3-D” tomorrow.

Hope you can make it.

Sunday Rewind

Can I simply say “WOW”!

What a great start to the month of August and we weren’t even in a series at Crossroads!

I have to say that there are days that are good and then there are days that are good….and God did some good things at Crossroads on Sunday!  Can I say, “WOW”!

It was really good to see many of you back after being gone off and on through the summer.  I know that we will see more people back in the coming weeks.  I’m just proud to lead such a great group of people.

Here are a few of the things that I saw on Sunday:

  • Great to see people on their face asking for God to work in their lives.
  • I love seeing new people!
  • Nothing like hearing about God working in the lives of people….that’s what keeps me going!
  • It was great having the “Sherry’s Run” people in the house at Crossroads!  Have you signed up to be part of the Crossroads team?  We need you!
  • We had some special guests in “xtreme” on Sunday.  Chris was lucky enough to get the World Changer’s worship leaders to stop by on their way to the ATL!
  • The band was off the hook on Sunday!  Can I say, “WOW” again!
  • The best days are ahead….you better strap in and strap in good!
  • Great job by Patrick and his “Host Team”!  Volunteers and the heart of Crossroads and we have places for others to get involved.
  • It was great to see Mr. Bernie back after being gone from dealing with a health issue.
  • We have another “Newcomer’s Dinner” coming up in August…..sign up!
  • Thankful that I finished up these group of talks.
  • Thanks for all the feedback that you’ve given me.  I love hearing from you.
  • Parking lot was full!  Keep parking as far away as you can so the spaces up front are free for the visitors.

That’s about it for now…..have a great week and we will see you back here on a daily basis and then at Crossroads next Sunday for the start of “Reflect”!

Sunday Rewind

What a great day we had on Sunday at Crossroads. 

It’s great to see many people returning after several weeks of summer vacation.  It was also great to see lots of new faces and to meet lots of new people who are interested in calling Crossroads their church home.

Here are a few “highlights” from Sunday:

  • Yes, you’re life is just as “jacked up” as mine!
  • Don’t you just love the story of David and Bathsheba?
  • I loved the “Wedding Dress” song!
  • It was really great getting to meet some new families who were visiting Crossroads for the first time.  I’m always amazed at how people find us.
  • Sunday was promotion Sunday for our kiddos!
  • A big “thank you” to Tim Stockton and his team….they always do a great job…all of our “host teams” are just amazing!
  • Really great weather!
  • Great seeing people who have been gone some this summer.  I’m really looking forward to having people back.

A little more will be coming tomorrow….have a great night!