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Making a difference

Crossroads officially started holding services about three and half years ago.  And during these past three years we’ve partnered with people like Habitat for Humanity, the Wilson County Help Center and others.

But later this month and during the month of August, we’re going to be doing something for Brooks House here in Lebanon.  We spent some time with Liz Reese and during our time with her, we asked her what we could do as a church that would help her as she directs the vision for Brooks House.  Her response was a “playground”.

Brooks House provides a place for women and children to stay as they go through their own transition.  By providing a new playground, Crossroads can bring a little bit of normalcy back into the life of a child who is walking through a very difficult time in their own life. 

I’m looking forward to seeing people at Crossroads jump in and make a difference in the lives of people going through a transition.

Have you signed-up?  When you do, you will be glad you did!

Thoughts from “Day Two”

As part of our series “Pursuit” we’re reading through the book of Proverbs.  It’s pretty simple.  One chapter for each day of the month of January.

Today is “day two” of the “31 Day Challenge” and below are some thoughts that came to mind as I read chapter two of Proverbs:

  • We all have priorities in our lives.  The question is what will our priorities be?  Will we make wisdom, understanding and insight a priority?
  • God gives out wisdom free…
  • Wisdom keeps me from taking the wrong paths, from making wrong decisions.
  • Living a life where wisdom, understanding and insight are a priority will allow me to live a life marked with integrity.

Take a minute and give me some feedback on what you read.

One of my favorites

Christmas Eve is one of my favorite times of the year at Crossroads.

I’m not going to waste a lot of time today….so just let me say that we would love to have you at one of our two services.  The first service is at 3 p.m. and the second is at 5 p.m.  Both are identical.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at Crossroads for Christmas!

You missed it!

If you were one of the ladies who signed up and then didn’t show up or if you were one of the ladies at Crossroads who didn’t sign up or haven’t attended a “Ladies Night” event, then you missed it!

Last nights event was great!  Despite the fact that it had to be moved at the last moment because of the weather, the ladies in charge did a great job making the church look amazing!  I personally haven’t seen anything locally that has been decorated as well as they decorated the church last night. 

Those who were in attendance had a great time!

Thanks to all of those who were part of putting this event together!

Sunday Rewind

There are days when you walk out think that you could have done more.

But then there are days when you walk out and you are totally satisfied with the great job that everyone did.  This past Sunday was one of those days when I felt really good about our effort.  It all started with the front doors and the great job done by our volunteers.  Then Rhett and the band pulled off some of the best music that I can remember at Crossroads.  We had amazing jobs by our teachers in Waumba Land and UpStreet. Chris hand good days in both “xtreme” and “InsideOut”.  It was a really good day!

We also closed out our series “Impact” this past Sunday with a message focused on two of the most important aspects of who we are as a church.  We talked about “percentage giving” and “serving”.  If you didn’t hear this message then I would encourage you to go on-line and listen.

Here are a few things I noticed from Sunday:

  • Many of you are already preparing for the new service schedule.  Thanks for checking out the new parking up on the north end.  We’re going to need you’re help!
  • Thanks to Patrick and his team for a great job!
  • Great job by the band….simply great!
  • Do you realize how important you are to Crossroads?  You’re giving in serving makes all the difference.  You’ve been blessed to be a blessing!
  • Did you hear people laugh when I suggested someone could write a 25, 50k or 100k check?  Guess what?  We’ve seen things like that happen….don’t short change what God can do!  The reason you enjoy Crossroads every Sunday is because people wanted to bless you!
  • Check out the expansion plans in the lobby this Sunday if you missed them this past weekend.
  • We need your help!
  • Get involved….”invest and invite”, “community groups”, “percentage giving”, “strategic service”.
  • Did you see the construction progress…yep, we’ve started and we need you to help us financially!
  • Thanks for all of your feedback on the “Impact” series!

That’s enough for now….see you on the “flip side”!

Labor Day @ Crossroads!

We had a great day at Crossroads today!

I really thought we would have a lot of people out and we did.  But the visitors more than made up for those who were missing when it came to overall numbers!  These are the things that continue to amaze me.

Thanks to all of you guys who made it and if you didn’t make it then make sure and take the time to catch the message on-line.  We already have it available to listen to right now.

“Reflect” Week One

Week one of “Reflect” is in the books.

There’s no doubt that this teaching series is a little different from any we’ve done at Crossroads since we started.

We want the focus to be where it should be.

You become what you worship.

Hope you make it to week two.

In the meantime…..just “reflect”!

Sunday Rewind

Crossroads continues to experience amazing things!

Yesterday my day started really early as it does most Sunday’s.  I’ve honestly not been expecting much in the way of attendance because I know so many people are trying to get in a vacation or some time away before school starts in just a few weeks.  Summers sure aren’t like they use to be.

But the past two Sunday’s we’ve had really good attendance.  Yes, it’s not like it was pre-summer but it’s been “way” better than we had expected it to be.  Crossroads continues to experience great things.

This was week two of “OVERWHELMED” and it seems that you guys are really being impacted by this series.  Once again on Sunday I received multiple comments and messages from you about what God is saying to you through this series.  I’m always glad to know and hear from you.

Here are a few things I noticed on Sunday:

  • We had lots….and I mean lots of visitors.
  • A special thanks to those who helped with duties that needed to be covered by people who were out of town….its people like you who make it happen!
  • Great music.
  • Keep inviting….I constantly talk with people and ask them how they heard about Crossroads and they say “you” told them.  Keep doing it…ramp it up, so some more!
  • I’m really excited about our yard sale next Saturday.
  • Where are you building your foundation?
  • Are you digging deep?
  • During yesterday’s message were you made aware of any cracks?
  • I’m already looking forward to week three of “OVERWHELMED”!

Have a great day…..oh, one more thing.  This morning on the way to the office, I made it all the way from Sports Village (I live out that way) to the square (where our office is) without hitting one red light!  AMAZING!  I didn’t have to stop at all!

See ya!

“Want Not, Waste Not”-Week Four

Below is the video bumper for week four of our series “Want Not, Waste Not”.

Series Conclusion


Join us this Sunday at Crossroads as we conclude the series “Want Not, Waste Not”.

We’re going to have a great day and hope to see you at Crossroads!