Time change reminder

Just a reminder that tonight is the dreaded night that we set our clock’s ahead one hour.

Now it all comes with great benefits, but it seems that those first few days are a little hard to get adjusted too.

Enjoy your Saturday and we hope to see you at Crossroads on Sunday!

Sunday Rewind

Pursuit is officially in the can.

It’s the single longest series that we have ever done at Crossroads and I have to say that it seems to be one that has impacted as many lives as just about anything we have done.  Thanks to all of you that have been so open with your feedback.  I love hearing from you and I love hearing what God is doing in your life.

Today was the first official weekend of spring break and all I can say is, “WOW!” We had really great crowds in all three of our services.  When you consider that most of our students are out of school that is simply amazing!

Here are a few things I noticed from today at Crossroads:

  • Still amazed at how Proverbs has impacted our church!
  • I was able to talk with several visitors today.  It’s always great to hear from our visitors and to listen to their stories.  You guys are to be commended for inviting your friends.  It’s so nice to hear people talk about how they have a relationship with someone at Crossroads and that’s the reason they visited.
  • Thanks to Phil and his host team for a great job!
  • I’ve probably enjoyed this series as much as any that I’ve done!
  • Great music today by Rhett and the band.  Make sure and thank those guys!
  • I’m really excited about the upcoming month or two.  We have so much on the calendar!  It’s going to be a great year to be at Crossroads!
  • Are you signed up for Financial Peace?  If you need help in your finances then you need to be a part of this class!
  • We have a Ladies Night event happening in April!  Check the website this week for more info!

That’s enough for now.  Just in case you didn’t know, it’s going to be a busy week around my house.  We are gaining a son-in-law!

Have a great week and I will see you next week at Crossroads.

Closing out “Pursuit”!

Tomorrow at Crossroads we will close the curtain on the longest series that we’ve ever done.

If you’ve been around during the last couple of month’s then you have been able to be a part of history.

But tomorrow the curtain will close on Pursuit.

Make sure that you take time to be with us at Crossroads on Sunday!  The weather promises to be great and even though Spring Break has officially begun….you will be glad you took the time to hear this message.

It’s back!

I’ve literally received hundreds of emails.

There have been people threatening to take their lives.

Some people have gone into deep depression.

And it’s all because you have been missing “Useless Friday Info”.

It’s hard for me to believe that something so simple could impact so many lives.

Well today I am glad to let you know that “it’s back”!

“Useless Friday Info” is now back and better than ever.

Here is this week’s edition:

A one minute kiss burns 26 calories

The Olympic motto is Citius-Altius-Fortius, which is Latin for “faster, higher, stronger.”  The intended meaning is that one’s focus should be on bettering one’s achievements, rather than on coming in first.

A quarter of the bones in your body are in your feet.

In the game of Monopoly, the properties are named after streets in Atlantic City.

454 U.S. dollar bills weigh exactly one pound.

Antarctica has as much ice as the Atlantic Ocean has water.

Lemons ripen after you pick them, but oranges do not.

Almonds are part of the peach family.

Sunday Rewind

The book of Proverbs continues to rock my world!

Today we dove into the area of money/finances/wealth and I have to believe that there were a bunch of us who had our bell rung.  I know my eyes were opened and it all happened via the wisdom of Proverbs.

We had a great start to today’s service with a Lynrd Skynrd’s Simple Man.  I love the fact that I get to work with some of the best musicians in the area and if you want good music and worship then you need to be at Crossroads on Sunday.

Here are a few things I noticed today at Crossroads:

  • The weather wasn’t nearly as nice as it was last Sunday!
  • Great having so many visitors.  I was standing in the lobby among about 20 people who I had never met before.  They all came in at one time and they weren’t together.  God continues to bring great people our way!
  • What about the music today?  It was literally off the hook!  You guys are so lucky to have these talented people at Crossroads!
  • The Pursuit series continues on….just in case you weren’t there, we have decided to go one more week.  It just seemed to me that there was one more subject that needed to be talked about and we will do that next week.
  • Great to see some familiar faces back…these were people who have been out-of-town for a while.
  • Not many churches around where you will get, Lynrd Skynrd, Pink Floyd and Wild Cherry in a service on a Sunday morning.
  • Thanks to all of our volunteers.
  • Great job by Derrik and his host team today

That’s it for now….gotta get in gear for my community group.

Have a great week!

It was something so simple

This past Monday I was doing something that I always do….I was cleaning at Crossroads.  Every Monday we get ready for a new week by cleaning the church.  It’s something that brings our team together and saves the church some money.

Needless to say it was Monday as usual. 

As I walked into the lobby at Crossroads I saw something that needed to be picked up so I bent over and that’s when it happened.  This sharp pain ran across my back at about the level of where my belt is in my jeans.  After I yelled out really loud, I could hardly straighten back up.  I simply bent over to pick something up that weighed no more than an ounce or two.  I didn’t lift something that was heavy.  I didn’t pull on something that was big and bulky.  I simply bent over.

Today is day five of this excruciating pain.   I can’t sit or stand without making all kinds of weird facial expressions.  If you see me walking you would probably think that I have one foot in the grave.  The pain is bad but watching me try to walk is even worse.

It’s hard to believe how a little pain in my back is impacting my whole body.  The pain in my back has impacted everything I’ve tried to accomplish and in some ways it’s keeping me from accomplishing certain things.

This week I’ve been reminded of the importance of my back and how it supports and contributes so much to the rest of my body.  My back being out has impacted every aspect of my life.

It’s no different in the church.  Every person in some way has a part to play.  Some of us are a hand, some of us are an eye and some of us are a back.  You can read 1 Corinthians 12 and see the important contribution that everyone plays.

If we choose not to do our part then it impacts the rest of the body just like my back has impacted the rest of my body over the past several days.

Every church is in need of the part that you play as a part of that body.  It doesn’t always mean that things will go exactly as we want them to go but we still need to play our part.  When one part ceases to function as it should then it impacts the rest of the body and when that happens it can cause the body some pain.  It can also keep the body from fuctioning as it should.

Have you found your place as part of the body?  Could you be the missing part that will help your church function like God designed it to function?

 I’m looking forward to the next few days when my back is normal again.  It’s then and only then that I can be and do all that God wants me to do.

In the meantime….can someone pass the Icy Hot!

Sitting still, coasting or speeding

If you read yesterday’s post then you have an understanding of how my life has been the last several months.  It wasn’t anyone’s fault but mine.

When I allowed the things that were going on in my life to pile up and pressure me, they brought me to a point in my life where I seemed to be more comfortable when I was by myself.  I really (thought) that I could handle all that was going on in my life by myself.  My circumstances drove me to the point of isolation.

Actually my life and everything associated with it was just sitting still.  But I remembered a statement that someone made when they said, “If you’re sitting still then your actually going backwards”.  Man, that statement is exactly right!

When I look at what has happened over the last couple months I realize that I wasn’t sitting still or coasting.  My life was actually going backwards. 

While I was seeking to take care of things on my own outside of all the important relationships that I had with other people, I was actually going backwards.

Not any more.

Thanks to people who were willing to speak into my life I was able to realize the place where I truly was…..and now my foot is on the accelerator.

Our lives aren’t going to be measured by fame, money, attractiveness or the size of our 401k’s.  When we’re laying in that wooden box at the local funeral home our life will be measured by the relationships that we had with others.

Are there people in your life that you can truly admit that you are dong life with?  I’m not talking about the back slapping, superficial relationships that define many people’s lives.  I’m talking about people who will tell you what you need to hear even though you may not want to hear it.  Those are the relationships that we all need and desire. 

Life is done in the context of relationship.


My favorite sleeping position is on my side; curled up in the fetal position.  It’s something that comes very natural to me.

A few nights ago for some reason I ended up sleeping face down.  When I adjusted my sleeping position during the night, I was facing down with my hands underneath me and my head turned to the side so I could breathe.  I was sawing some serious logs.

It was the most amazing night of sleep……until I woke up.

I’m not sure how long I had been in that position, but immediately when I tried to turn over I couldn’t.  My hands and arms had gone to sleep and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t turn over or get up.   I was paralyzed and it was the most helpless feeling.

That’s been the story of my life the last few months.  I got really busy with all of the things of life and allowed myself to be consumed and busy.  Most of my time was spent alone trying to accomplish all that I had on my plate.   I found myself living like a loner.

It was a verse in Proverbs that really opened my eyes:

One who isolates himself pursues (selfish) desires; he rebels against all sound judgement.  Proverbs 18:1 (HCSB)

That verse was the description of my life.  I was totally engulfed in life and missing out on the importance of the relationships that were closest to me.

I think it’s a place we can all find ourselves.  We see this mountain of stuff in front of us that needs to be taken care of.  We see this situation that is going on in our personal life.  We work harder and harder and we don’t realize that slowly but surely we are disconnecting from those around us.

It’s the times when we are alone that temptations of all kind seem to rise.  Not only do they rise but it seems that giving into temptation is easier.

Take a minute and look at your life.  Is there something in your life that is driving you to the point of isolation?  Recognizing where you are is the first step and a deep relationship with someone else can put you on the road to living the life you were meant to live. 

It’s pretty easy to see that living a life of isolation isn’t good.

Sunday Rewind

As most of you have probably noticed, I have taken a few days off from the blog.  It seems that I’ve had so much going on and I needed a little time to get my life back in order.

I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off blogging again than to talk about what happened this past Sunday at Crossroads.

Most of you know that we have had a heck of a year when it comes to the weather on Sunday’s.  Every Sunday of 2010 has either been rain, snow, ice, sleet or some combination of the worst weather.  With that being said, it seems that getting momentum has been out of the question.  Now we’ve had some great services, but it seems that it just hasn’t been like it should be.  But this past Sunday changed all of that.

I think someone told me that we had the best numbers that we’ve seen in several months.  That’s great!  And our Pursuit series has really been rocking some people’s worlds!  It was so nice to see people come out on Sunday and we had great time together….I think Sunday was just a little taste of what is coming down the pike.

Here are a few things that I noticed from Sunday:

  • Great weather!
  • I love it when people truly come to worship!
  • I had no idea that the message was going to impact so many people.  It seems that many of you were able to recognize what was happening in your life and now you can do something about it!
  • Proverbs has been a great book!
  • We had lot’s of new faces.  That always makes me happy!
  • For those that attend the second service….we may need you to consider the first or third…..we are getting tight on seats in the second!
  • You guys do an amazing job at parking….what I mean by that is that you are so considerate to our visitors by parking in the spaces that are farthest from the building.  Keep it up!
  • We have some great opportunities for service in the second service.  If you love children birth thru 4 years old then we would love to have you on our team.  See Amy Shaw at the Waumba Land desk for more details.  You can also email us at info@crossroadslebanon.com
  • Rhett and the band rocked it
  • Check out Proverbs 18:1 again….I’ve been reading in NLT.

Have a great week and bring someone with you to Crossroads this coming Sunday!

Two on Tuesday

It’s that time again.

Time to let you in on a couple of things that didn’t go as expected today…I call them disappointments.  We call them Two on Tuesday!

Here are this week’s two:

  • Not a good day to wear slip on shoes.  It seems that the rain, slush, and snow were competing for the company of my sock’s and guess who won?  You’re right!
  • It wouldn’t be a Two on Tuesday without a food disappointment.  My mother made some of that stuff that most people call nuts and bolts.   You know, the stuff that has Chex Mix and all that other stuff in it.  The only problem was that her’s had too many bolts!

Have a great week….and feel free to share any of your light-hearted disappointments in the comment section.