Crossroads Community Church

Crossroads is an amazing church that is literally located at the crossroads of Wilson County in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Crossroads had a pretty amazing start if we do say so ourselves.

Randy had the vision and God assembled around him a very small group of people to start Crossroads.   This is no ordinary church plant and most seasoned church planters would tell you that you would dare not attempt to plant a church the way Crossroads was planted.

Armed with a vision, Randy began talking with people about what God had called this group to do.  Crossroads didn’t start in a school or meet anywhere temporarily.  We spent over two years raising money to build out what use to be the Lebanon Woolen Mill in Lebanon, TN.

Four years after God had given the vision and two years after they had started raising money, Crossroads actually held its first service in November of 2006 and they didn’t start with one service, they started with two.  Up until that date, Crossroads had never had a service period but we felt that God was leading us to start with two services instead of one.  Now Crossroads holds three services every Sunday and looks forward to the day that God calls us to add a fourth.

God continues to do amazing things and he has given us a taste of all that he wants to do in the future.  We can only wait with great anticipation as we follow his lead and watch him move in amazing ways.

2 responses to “Crossroads Community Church

  1. I love when people follow God’s direction instead of man’s blueprint. Isn’t it surprising that God’s way works, even though it defies conventional wisdom? It’s almost as though the wisdom of this world is foolishness. God bless your work there. My pastor is a Tennesee boy so I feel a special “rooting interest” in your success.

  2. Ross,

    Thanks for your comment….we are having a great time following God. If we’ve heard the statement, “you don’t do it that way” once, we’ve heard it a million times.

    We’re just excited to be a part of what God is doing and we can’t wait to see what he is going to do…..

    Thanks again!

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