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Sunday Quick Hits!

What an amazing end to our Transitions series!

I was looking to end this series in a little different way.  And since I usually do most of the talking, I thought it was a great idea to bring someone on stage that could bring the scripture to life.

We all know and love the Norvell family.  They’ve been a part of Crossroads from the very start and I also knew that they have been through their own transitions in life.  So what better way to help us all understand God’s faithfulness than by hearing their story.  Lynn did an amazing job and if you didn’t hear the message then I strongly urge you to take the time to listen to it.

We’ll be looking for most of you back after the last couple of week’s.  Just in case you didn’t know, Crossroads has had an amazing summer.  We’ve seen some really great moves of God in several areas and I believe God is about to really rock our world.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who really made today happen.  In case you didn’t know, this was promotion Sunday for our children’s environments.  The volunteers rocked the house at Crossroads!   We still have lots of opportunities for you to find a place to plug-in.  We’ve got so much planned between now and the end of the year!

Worship today was amazing…..some of the best I can remember!

I’m looking forward to the new series Simple that starts on Sunday, August 1st.  We’ll be putting up the info on the website on Monday and we need you to invite your friends!

Have a great “hot” week!


Everything that grows, changes.

Everything that changes goes through transitions.

When I look back at my life, its pretty easy for me to see that I’ve changed.  I’ve changed more than I would like to admit.  Some of it was good and some of it wasn’t so good.

Honestly, all of those changes haven’t been easy.  Some of them were things I expected.  Some of them were things that I never saw coming.  And its the ones that caught me off guard that were the hardest.  But there’s something interesting.  It seems that God has done some of his biggest work during the changes….he did his biggest work during the transitions.

I hope you can join me this Sunday at Crossroads as we conclude our series Transitions.

Sunday Rewind

The book of Proverbs continues to rock my world!

Today we dove into the area of money/finances/wealth and I have to believe that there were a bunch of us who had our bell rung.  I know my eyes were opened and it all happened via the wisdom of Proverbs.

We had a great start to today’s service with a Lynrd Skynrd’s Simple Man.  I love the fact that I get to work with some of the best musicians in the area and if you want good music and worship then you need to be at Crossroads on Sunday.

Here are a few things I noticed today at Crossroads:

  • The weather wasn’t nearly as nice as it was last Sunday!
  • Great having so many visitors.  I was standing in the lobby among about 20 people who I had never met before.  They all came in at one time and they weren’t together.  God continues to bring great people our way!
  • What about the music today?  It was literally off the hook!  You guys are so lucky to have these talented people at Crossroads!
  • The Pursuit series continues on….just in case you weren’t there, we have decided to go one more week.  It just seemed to me that there was one more subject that needed to be talked about and we will do that next week.
  • Great to see some familiar faces back…these were people who have been out-of-town for a while.
  • Not many churches around where you will get, Lynrd Skynrd, Pink Floyd and Wild Cherry in a service on a Sunday morning.
  • Thanks to all of our volunteers.
  • Great job by Derrik and his host team today

That’s it for now….gotta get in gear for my community group.

Have a great week!

I’m loving it!

I think it’s McDonald’s that has the saying, “I’m loving it!”

But today I think I am going to borrow that saying and let you guys know how much “I’m loving” our “31 Day Challenge”! 

The past seven days have been amazing as we are reading through the book of Proverbs during the month of January as part of our new series “Pursuit” at Crossroads. 

We got off to a really good start on Sunday the 3rd and I’m looking forward to this Sunday!  I’ve already read all seven chapters (one for each day) and some of them I’ve read several times.  You’re going to find some really good stuff when you read in Proverbs!

If you have any insight that you’ve gained I would love to hear from you.  I am going to be back here later today sharing some of my thoughts.

I can’t wait to hear from you……

2009 In Review (Part II)

Looking back on 2009 has been interesting.

I was talking with a friend on Wednesday and as we talked we realized how this past year had really been a year of change.  It wasn’t always the change that we wanted or had hoped for, but it was in fact a year of change.

Now as I think about change, it brings to mind something that happened more this year than I can ever remember.  As most of you know, we try to schedule things out several months in advance.  With graphics needing to be designed, printing needing to be done and all of the other things that go with our teaching series, we simply have to be out several weeks or months in order for things to be done in a timely matter.

Well 2009 was a year that God changed things up.  As a matter of fact, most of what we planned for 2009 was either scrapped or moved because I sensed that God was wanting to say something a little more important than what we had planned.

Now if you put yourself in my shoes, this can be a nightmare!  I can remember more than once that God waited until the last-minute to let me in on the direction he wanted to go and that my friends is scary! 

But being able to hear him and what he was saying was so important.  The reason I know that is because of the feedback that you guys gave us as we followed him.  Our series this past year have really hit home with many of you and that’s simply because we stopped, listened and then went in the direction that we felt God wanted to go.

We will still plan, as a matter of fact we have all of 2010 planned out.  But if God wants to stop somewhere along the way and go in a different direction…..that’s what we’re going to do!

“Christmas Eve” Rewind

I thought I would take a minute and recap our Christmas Eve Services since many of you were already deep in the celebration and you didn’t get the opportunity to attend.

If you’ve ever been to one of our services on Christmas Eve then you know that it’s one of our favorite services.  This year would be no different.

Unlike the past two Christmas Eve’s, this year we decided to do something really different and we completely changed our stage setting.  We brought in lots of trees and lights and covered the stage with snow.  It really seemed to set the mood for the service and you guys really seemed to love it.

We had so many visitors… many!  That’s a real statement I’m proud of because you guys were instrumental in getting people to Crossroads for this very special service.  Based on the numbers I’ve received so far, this would be a record attendance for these services.

We already have some new and different things planned for next year, so be ready!

Just remember that we do not have services on Sunday, December 27th.  We will return on the 3rd of January when we start our new series “Pursuit”.

Take some time between now and then and invite someone as we begin 2010 on the search for “wisdom”.

Sunday Rewind

A great week two for our new series “Born”.

I think the pillow monster was on the prowl this morning at our 8:30 a.m. service.  Some of you must have felt mighty comfortable in the bed.

We picked up in services two and three…..and we had a great time.  When you miss getting together on Sunday, you miss out on the start to a great week.

Here are a few things I noticed about Sunday at Crossroads:

  • God continues to open our eyes about Christmas.
  • Great to hear about what God is doing in the lives of people at Crossroads!
  • Thanks to our volunteers!
  • You guys really helped us out with our “Bite Back” campaign.  We exceeded our goal and that is a good thing!  We can buy more nets for the children of Africa.
  • It was great meeting some new visitors today….that never gets old!
  • I always feel like somebody’s watching me!
  • Today was the first day of giving for our Christmas offering.
  • I’m really looking forward to 2010….I believe God is going to do some big stuff!
  • Thankful that Crossroads can help out some other local churches.
  • Have you decided which Christmas Eve service you will attend?

That’s about it for now.

Have a great week and bring someone with you next week as you come to Crossroads!

“Born” starts this Sunday

This Sunday we begin our new series “Born”.

Take some time this week to invite someone to come with you during the month of December.

We’ll see you on Sunday!

Sunday Rewind

Week three of our series “Life in 3-D” was great.

It was good to see so many people starting to return from their “fall break’s”.  Since Sunday’s message, I’ve received lot’s of feedback from many of you and that’s something I love to hear.  It’s great to know that God is using a message to move you in ways that brings hope and healing to your life.

Here are just a few things I noticed from Sunday:

  • Seth and Betsy did great at leading in Rhett’s absence.  It’s great to be able to rely on talented people.
  • With lots of people still out, we are seeing some growth in our new service schedule.
  • Thanks to Tim Stockton’s “Host Team” for a great job!
  • Many thanks also to those who have stepped up and filled in with many people being gone.
  • Lot’s of feedback on this series.
  • You are doing a great job parking at the north end….keep it up!
  • Man, we had lot’s of first time visitors!

That’s all for now.

Check back later for more insight into Sunday!

Week three of “Life in 3-D”

Tomorrow at Crossroads is week three of our series “Life in 3-D”.

If you’ve been away on fall break then you may not have heard any of this series where we are dealing with three things that impact all of our lives.  They are “doubt”, “discouragement” and “distractions”.

This Sunday we will be talking about “discouragement”.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!