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Everything that grows, changes.

Everything that changes goes through transitions.

When I look back at my life, its pretty easy for me to see that I’ve changed.  I’ve changed more than I would like to admit.  Some of it was good and some of it wasn’t so good.

Honestly, all of those changes haven’t been easy.  Some of them were things I expected.  Some of them were things that I never saw coming.  And its the ones that caught me off guard that were the hardest.  But there’s something interesting.  It seems that God has done some of his biggest work during the changes….he did his biggest work during the transitions.

I hope you can join me this Sunday at Crossroads as we conclude our series Transitions.

It was something so simple

This past Monday I was doing something that I always do….I was cleaning at Crossroads.  Every Monday we get ready for a new week by cleaning the church.  It’s something that brings our team together and saves the church some money.

Needless to say it was Monday as usual. 

As I walked into the lobby at Crossroads I saw something that needed to be picked up so I bent over and that’s when it happened.  This sharp pain ran across my back at about the level of where my belt is in my jeans.  After I yelled out really loud, I could hardly straighten back up.  I simply bent over to pick something up that weighed no more than an ounce or two.  I didn’t lift something that was heavy.  I didn’t pull on something that was big and bulky.  I simply bent over.

Today is day five of this excruciating pain.   I can’t sit or stand without making all kinds of weird facial expressions.  If you see me walking you would probably think that I have one foot in the grave.  The pain is bad but watching me try to walk is even worse.

It’s hard to believe how a little pain in my back is impacting my whole body.  The pain in my back has impacted everything I’ve tried to accomplish and in some ways it’s keeping me from accomplishing certain things.

This week I’ve been reminded of the importance of my back and how it supports and contributes so much to the rest of my body.  My back being out has impacted every aspect of my life.

It’s no different in the church.  Every person in some way has a part to play.  Some of us are a hand, some of us are an eye and some of us are a back.  You can read 1 Corinthians 12 and see the important contribution that everyone plays.

If we choose not to do our part then it impacts the rest of the body just like my back has impacted the rest of my body over the past several days.

Every church is in need of the part that you play as a part of that body.  It doesn’t always mean that things will go exactly as we want them to go but we still need to play our part.  When one part ceases to function as it should then it impacts the rest of the body and when that happens it can cause the body some pain.  It can also keep the body from fuctioning as it should.

Have you found your place as part of the body?  Could you be the missing part that will help your church function like God designed it to function?

 I’m looking forward to the next few days when my back is normal again.  It’s then and only then that I can be and do all that God wants me to do.

In the meantime….can someone pass the Icy Hot!


My favorite sleeping position is on my side; curled up in the fetal position.  It’s something that comes very natural to me.

A few nights ago for some reason I ended up sleeping face down.  When I adjusted my sleeping position during the night, I was facing down with my hands underneath me and my head turned to the side so I could breathe.  I was sawing some serious logs.

It was the most amazing night of sleep……until I woke up.

I’m not sure how long I had been in that position, but immediately when I tried to turn over I couldn’t.  My hands and arms had gone to sleep and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t turn over or get up.   I was paralyzed and it was the most helpless feeling.

That’s been the story of my life the last few months.  I got really busy with all of the things of life and allowed myself to be consumed and busy.  Most of my time was spent alone trying to accomplish all that I had on my plate.   I found myself living like a loner.

It was a verse in Proverbs that really opened my eyes:

One who isolates himself pursues (selfish) desires; he rebels against all sound judgement.  Proverbs 18:1 (HCSB)

That verse was the description of my life.  I was totally engulfed in life and missing out on the importance of the relationships that were closest to me.

I think it’s a place we can all find ourselves.  We see this mountain of stuff in front of us that needs to be taken care of.  We see this situation that is going on in our personal life.  We work harder and harder and we don’t realize that slowly but surely we are disconnecting from those around us.

It’s the times when we are alone that temptations of all kind seem to rise.  Not only do they rise but it seems that giving into temptation is easier.

Take a minute and look at your life.  Is there something in your life that is driving you to the point of isolation?  Recognizing where you are is the first step and a deep relationship with someone else can put you on the road to living the life you were meant to live. 

It’s pretty easy to see that living a life of isolation isn’t good.

A lesson learned the hard way!

What you are about to read is something that really happened and it happened to me.

Several days ago, I made a comment on “twitter” about someone who is a nationally known celebrity (I guess that is the best way to describe them…they are very well-known for the product they sell on television infomercials). 

I really didn’t think much about the comment I made (which is where the problem lies). 

It had been my observation and thus my opinion that this person seems to have an appearance that just looks to perfect, so when I saw them on the televison screen again, I thought I would just make my thoughts known via “twitter” and I said, “Is it me or does ____________ look weird?”

Well this is where it gets crazy. 

The person I said this about replied to the comment that I had made.  

Apparently they had searched their name and came across the comment I made and they were not happy.  I can’t say that I blame them. 

It was a stupid, reckless, insensitive way for me to get attention and the lesson I’ve learned is to be really careful when making what seem to be innocent comments…..because words can sting.  The other person doesn’t always understand what is behind the words you use or the context in which you may be using them.

Interestingly enough, I’ve been leading our church through the “31 Day Challenge” and yesterday we were in Proverbs 18.  Listen to what it say’s:

“Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit-you choose.”  Proverbs 18:21 (The Message)

Today I am again reminded of the power of words.  Today I am not only reminded of the power of words, I am reminded that the way they are used is my choice.

Today I am reminded that I am not too big or too good to recognize when I am wrong…..It’s like “Baby’s” dad said in “Dirty Dancing”“When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong”, and “I was wrong!”

My apologies to you again John Basedow

By your simple reply to my “tweet”, you have caused me a “pastor” to be reminded of the importance of not only who I represent, but the words I choose to use.

“Hey Fido…I’ve got you covered!”

I’m getting prepared for the “rapture”!

Yes, you read that right.

My bags are packed and I’m ready to go. I’m standing here outside the door.  I hate to wake you up to say goodbye!

“Oh, and in regards to you “fido”….I’ve made sure that you are all taken care of in my absence.”

It’s called “Post Rapture Pet Care” and I want to share it with you….all of my friends.

Check it out!

….and what will they think of next?

Two on Tuesday

Here is this week’s edition of the “Two on Tuesday”!

  • Is it really that hard to get a little “white meat” at the local drive- thru?  All I wanted was a chicken breast….and boy did that cost me!
  • I really struggled with throwing the “new” Christmas lights away.  I mean I gave $1.84 for the box and we used them once….but have you ever tried to get “said” lights back in the box they came in?  Now you know what I’m talking about!

So just in case you are wondering, I take the time on Tuesday’s to give you a couple of my “light” hearted disappointments for the day and you’ve just read what they were today…….see ya!

Merry Christmas!

Today is the day that we spend most of our time running from house to house for all of the Christmas activities.

You’ve probably already opened many of your gifts and eaten way too much.

But I wanted to take a minute and wish you a Merry Christmas.

So many of you stop by and read the random things that I have to say and as you know, they can be pretty random.

Last night at Crossroads we had to amazing Christmas Eve Services and I was able to speak with many of you and convey my thoughts and thanks for the great year we have enjoyed together in 2009.

I truly believe that God has big things in store for us in 2010.  So take the next few days and catch your breath and get ready for the new year.


Two on Tuesday

With the Christmas holidays in full force…..I was sure to find lots of opportunity for “disappointment”on my Tuesday!

As most of you know, I take an opportunity on Tuesday’s to let you know a couple of my “light-hearted” disappointments from one day of the week.

Here is this week’s “Two on Tuesday”:

  • Did you know that some of the McDonald’s now have an automated drink filling machine?  It seems that those machines just can’t get the ratio of ice to soda right!  Don’t believe me?  Then try the McDonald’s on West Main Street in Lebanon.
  • Why does it seem that the traffic lights get slower at Christmas?  Really, why does it seem that they go so slow?  I think it is a conspiracy to keep us in the parking lots of the stores!  Just give some of the lights at the malls a closer look over the next few days.

That’s it for this week.  Enjoy each day and get your shopping done early!

If you need my sizes, just email me.  But gift cards work the best!

What about you?

Today i decided to do a little something special for lunch.

I usually don’t do a big lunch during the week….it’s something I save for special occasions.

Today I went to one of the local favorites, “Sunset Restaurant”.  It’s a pretty famous meat and three in our area.

I had my mind made up when I went in…..or at least I thought.  I was going to do the roast beef but I was led astray by the broasted chicken.  Seems that happens all the time.

My question for you guys is this…..would you prefer fried chicken or broasted chicken?  White meat or dark meat?

Pretty simple question….now its time for you to weigh in!

Great week!

I know I’ve been really bad with posting this week.

Rhett and I are in South Carolina doing a three night event at Heights Church in Beech Island, South Carolina.  We’ve had an amazing time and God has been doing some amazing things in the lives of people here.

Stay tuned and I will give you more info later today!