“Be Rich” concludes this Sunday at Crossroads!

Hey, I hope to see you this Sunday at Crossroads as we conclude our series Be Rich.

I’ve really been amazed at how God is already using this series in the lives of people at Crossroads!

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Sunday and if you’re out of town on vacation, make sure and catch any messages that you’ve missed on-line!

2 responses to ““Be Rich” concludes this Sunday at Crossroads!

  1. This is a great series in so many ways. I like where it’s coming from in the Bible…both books of Timothy are short, which makes the message so simple to understand. I also liked the use of ” leftovers “; it’s something I’ve heard you say before, but not in awhile. I needed to hear it.

    I was uplifted regarding the call to give and serve. God is worthy beyond measure, and he has blessed us beyond measure. Giving and serving doesn’t hurt…it exalts God for what he’s already done for us.

    Again, really great series !

  2. Thanks for your comment Phil.

    I’m so glad that my eyes were opened up to this a couple of years back…..now, I’m just glad I get to share it.

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